My Monte Carlo carpet in 4 months!

  • It's been 4 months since I've setup this nano tank and the Monte Carlo (aka Micranthemum) is pretty much a full carpet. Here are some pictures of the progress throughout those three months and the various upgrades/changes I made.

  • March 04 2018

    Here's a shot of just the tank, the hardscape and some good ol' ADA Amazonia substrate.

  • March 05 2018

    Here you can see the 4 patches of Monte Carlo throughout the scape, some Java Moss on the rocks and Parrot Feather on the far left (which I've since removed). Although not completely in the shot, is my clip on Finnex LED light.

  • March 24 2018

    At this point I just got my budget $100 paintball CO2 setup and of course the staple Marimo Moss Ball. I also added a ghost shrimp and some Pothos in the back right.

  • April 04 2018

    About a month in, and you can see that I've since broken the Monte Carlo into smaller pieces and spread them around the tank to cover more surface area. This does a couple things, it promotes growth when you cut plants (most plants) and it will allow the carpet to grow horizontal rather than vertical (refer to the previous image when I first put it in the tank). Most places that sell Monte Carlo will have them in a pot which cause them to grow vertical, unless you by the mats.

  • May 06 2018

    A couple months in I've since added a guppy and trying out some 3D printed grow pads. I removed the Pothos from the tank and put it in its own pot behind the tank. Moved some things around, but no major changes, just more progress on the carpet and the Java Moss. Notice the carpet is already off to a great start, I think cutting it up into smaller sections really helped here.

  • May 28 2018

    Probably one of the better decisions I've made with this tank is I upgraded my lights to the Nicrew Deluxe which has helped my plants grow faster and was cheaper than the Finnex I had previously installed.

    Also, I added two female guppies in hopes of having guppy babies. It has yet to happen and since adding those females every male that's been in this tank has died. I stopped at my third male and just basically gave up. However, as of today, one of my female guppies seems to have a gravid spot so...hopes are high!

  • June 22 2018

    I removed the cheapy Aqueon filter and replaced it with a budget canister filter called SunSun HW-602B. I have to say, that it was an awesome purchase for the price. It's been close to a month at the time of this post that I've had it and not problems with sound, leaks or what not.

    I also made my tank fancy with some sweet glass Lilly Pipes

  • June 28 2018

    And voila! A picture I took a few days ago. As you can see the carpet is pretty much complete with the exception of the spot beneath the drop checker on the right and a spot below the diffuser on the left.