How to attach CGA 320 adapter with washer to a paintball tank

  • Today I'm going to show you how to attach the CGA 320 adapter to your paintball tank. The way I do it doesn't involve teflon tape and I know this may be up for debate but, I've went through plenty refills without it with zero leaks. Besides, it's what the nylon washer is for...

  • STEP 1: With the regulator(A) in one hand, place a nylon washer(B) within the CO2 inlet nut (see the previous picture and use the regulator gauge for proper orientation). STEP 2: Insert the male end of the CGA 320 adapater(C) into the regulator as if to squish the nylon washer inbetween the regulators CO2 inlet nut and the CGA 320 adapter. STEP 3: Tighten the dang thing but DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN! but keep it tight... :).

  • It should be tight and I repeat BUT DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. And you should end up with something that looks like this! Next, just screw your paintball tank into the female end of the CGA 320 adapter and check for leaks. Personally, I use the soap method, which is basically taking soapy water and spraying it along the connection points of the regulator (not on the solenoid) to test for air leaks. In this case, seeing bubbles form from the soapy water would indicate a leak.

  • And here's the finished product!

    Before leaving please consider the following: ALWAYS change that nylon washer! The way it works is that the washer is essentially crushed by the pressure of the CO2 as it enters the regulator and as the pressure decreases from tank to regulator the washer will remain physically formed into the previous fill of the tank. So when you refill the tank and re-use a washer, it has had time to move around in the small space between CO2 regulator inlet nut and CGA320 adapater thus preventing a perfect seal when it's time to refill your CO2 tank.